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Thursday, January 1, 2009Y
luv but nuthin'

'luv we think about it,
drEam about it,
losE 2 slEep,
worrying about it,
whEn we dun havE,wE diScovEr it,
wE dun know wut 2 do wit it,
wE fEar 2 loSe it..
it is ur sourcE of plEasurE & paint but we can't prEdict which it will bE from 1 moment 2 da nExt..
it is short word,
Easy 2 spEll,
difficult 2 definE,
impossiblE 2 livE without..'
"i cry likE a bby, when i don't get my way..
do u want mE?
i won't apologise, whEn i'm making mistakE..
do u want mE?
i got scars on my hEart, & it wont got away..
i'm looking 4 somEinE who takE thEm 4 mE..
evErybody knows i'm a little insanE..
do u want me?"

3:14 AM Photobucket