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Tuesday, August 4, 2009Y

umm..aeny nad chattin' ngn mmbe cm bsha..zty, nsir n jiha..n nad ade chat wit sneor nad, akmal mat sirat..haha okep jugak mmat tuh! agk gile! haha..dye skunk smbung studi kt uitm kuantan, phg! huk2..de sske bg nasihat! de ckp
Happiness doesn't mean that everything is perfect,
it just means that you have decided to look past the imperfections.
n dye ade jgk ckp..
Take things as they come... Don't live in the future or the past...
Just remember what you learned from it...haha
tp ny nad plink suke,
"Fear is temporary, Regret is forever'
mcm2 lg laa..haha
coe eik akml! kutuk sket!
pper pown kau mmg besh!
okep la .. nk smbg chat!

11:18 PM Photobucket